Peptide lotion Peptide Active – hair restoration
Peptide lotion increases hair density, prevents excessive hair loss, and stimulates active hair growth.
Selencin — protects your hair


Peptide lotion to increase hair density, prevent excessive hair loss and active hair growth.

Thanks to the content of the peptide complex Capilectine SP + PROCAPIL® and bioactive substances of natural extracts of Serenoa repens and Ginkgo biloba, the lotion stimulates hair growth, strengthens hair, slows down aging of the hair follicle, and restores its structure.

It is recommended both in the case of diffuse hair loss and in androgenic hair loss.


Slows down hair follicle aging by 41%,

Stimulates hair growth 63% more efficiently than a standard therapy,

Strengthens hair 146% stronger,

Sensibly restores hair density.


Capilectine SP + PROCAPIL® – trend of modern trichology, an innovative peptide complex to increase the density of hair, accelerate their growth, extend the life cycle of each hair.

Extracts of Serenoa and Ginkgo Biloba – an unique modern complex for chronic hair loss.

DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) – a professional complex for improving the oxygen exchange of hair follicle cells and slowing down cell aging.


Open the ampoule, squeeze the contents onto the dry skin of the problem area in the root zone of the scalp, massage with light movements. Do not rinse.
1 ampoule is enough for 2 uses. The opened ampoule is stored no more than 2 days. The course of application-daily (morning or evening) for 4 months.

Dosage form

Package with ampoules of 5 ml. (15 pcs.)

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