Alkoy-Farm kindly asks You to report on side effects involving our medications. According to ethical standards and legislation of Russian Federation and Eurasean Economic Union we collect this information, evaluate it and then forward relevant cases to local authorities in order to maintain wellbeing and safety of patients.

To report a possible side effect, please, download, fill in the form and send it to us
by mail: 125480, 3 Planernaya St., Building 6, Moscow
or e-mail:

You are always welcome to call the Pharmacovigilance hub: +7 (926) 541-29-17 or +7 (495) 984-41-14.

The reporter confirms, that the provided information is complete, precise and reliable, does not violate existing legislation, legal rights and interests of third parties. The information received will not be spread publicly. It may be submitted to designated regulatory authorities. According to Guideline on Good pharmacovigilance practice, approved by the decision of the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission No. 87 dated November 3 2016, the information provided is subject to processing, systematization, depersonalization and storage for at least 10 years after the cancelling of marketing authorization.

You might be contacted by Alkoy-Farm pharmacovigilance specialist to clarify information from Your report. This agreement is indefinite and can be withdrawn by a written application sent to


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